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Rev "A" 10/01/2010

Review of:  Food For Health™ Emergency Food Kit


275 Servings
Weather Proof Bucket

Costco Item # 104893
Evaluation #1
The entre' item, "Vegetable Barley Soup" was selected at random from the bucket.  Instructions call for the contents of the five serving packet (~ a one cup mixture of vegetables and barley) to be added to five cups of boiling water and then simmered for 25 min.  The current interest was a quick meal, so after bringing two cups of water to a boil in a Jetboil, 1/2 the package was added and simmered for 10 min., then allowed to cool for three minutes. 

Almost everything but the peas were soft with this amount of cooking.  While 25 min. would certainly do the job, 15 min. might be sufficient for this dish.  For those content with soup (as opposed to more of a stew) the contents would supply the advertised five servings.  However, for a hungry individual that wasn't trying to conserve rations, two servings per package would be more reasonable.  For those wanting a thicker result, one package in three cups of water might yield a better result.

In regard to taste, it was completely acceptable and also completely bland.  It would certainly do the job for survival food, but once salt and other seasonings of choice are added, it should be perfectly acceptable for any use.

While other food item types from the bucket will be reviewed, for planning purposes one might want to de-rate the servings.  An estimation of 100-110 serving per bucket would be more conservative, with the knowledge that the serving number could always be stretched if one had to do so.

Our goal is to provide "storable" emergency communications packages and kits for individuals and organizations wishing to develop their potential communications ability beyond simply having a CB radio and a cell phone, but perhaps do not have the expertise or time to integrate their own systems.

Currently we are custom building packages "to order".  However, we hope to soon be able to offer several packages at significantly different pricing levels.  Our packages include:
45" x 30" x 24" Shack-in-the-Box, Communications Pack

39" x 24" x 19"

13" x15" x32"
CB/SW Only

Our "ComPacs" all contain everything you need to setup multiple modes of wireless communications.  Contents include, but are not limited to:
*Note:  Kits are designed and tested such that there is no requirement to remove them from the box and test or otherwise prep them.  However, users are encouraged to familiarize themselves in advance and complete all licensing requirements.

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