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What is a Prepper? 

Our definition is "One who habitually prepares for adverse future events where the adverse events present severe challenges to the well being of  individuals & families.  For a great article on the subject, see Newsweek Article:  Rise of the Preppers: America's New Survivalists - Newsweek.com

What is a Survival Radio?

A "survival radio" can be any radio that proves useful in survival situations.  Many "survival radios" advertised for sale are merely receivers.  A receiver is better than nothing, but we offer packages including receivers, scanners, and transceivers (radios that transmit and receive) of many types.

What is a "Shack in the Box"

Historically amateur radio or HAM operators have had a room, closet, or corner of a room devoted to radios.  For many years these have been called "HAM Shacks".   Depending on the level of enthusiasm of the operator, these equipment collections can be quite robust.  Our goal in offering the "Shack in the Box" we to put together some choice pieces of gear into a storable trunk or box that could be easily transported to a remote "Bug Out" location and then assembled and operated, even by individuals with little or no experience.

Why is the the gear so expensive?

The cost of electronic devices is inversely proportional to the volume produced.  In the case of Citizen's Band gear, the units are more reasonable because the sales volume is relatively hight.  Amateur gear, on the other hand, is made and sold in relatively low volume.