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Adaptation in a changing world.

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Intended Audience:
Small businesses, Professional Associations, and Practices, as well as American families, and students.

Training Topics

  • Importantance of business and family emergency plans
  • FEMA preparedness recommendations
  • Natural and technological disasters, terrorism attacks
  • CERT training
  • Event durations and long-term ramifications
  • Water - Food - Shelter
  • Emergency communication methodologies and procedures
  • Resources, agencies, and organizations  providing support and assistance
  • Survival preparedness kits

Training materials assembled and presented by:
  • Chase McCord, Adapticom President and Principal Engineer.  CERT trained, Amateur Radio Operator, Emergency Communications Specialist, Alternative Energy Specialist.
  • David Morris, BSA trained Wilderness Survival Instructor.
  • Terre Eversden, Ph.D., CFCS, Southern Illinois University, Workforce Education and Development, Disaster Preparation and Emergency Management Instructor.