Why is training important?
    The U.S. government has investigated and simulated many scenarios, concluding that reliance by the populace on first responders, National Guard, FEMA, or other government entities has fostered a false sense of security.  In any kind of a large scale disaster first responder and government resources will be grossly insufficient to care for the population.

   Additionally, Americans are bombarded daily by the media with disaster and tragedy stories.  These headline events from distant locations can foster the view that "it can't happen here", resulting in the desensitization of many to the possibility of any such emergencies affecting them.  Thus, urgency may be masked, and complacency and denial may prevent individuals, businesses, and families from making the types of preparation that may allow them to avoid death or extreme discomfort.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this training, attendees will have:
  • Recognized “why” it is important to have business and family emergency plans.
  • Become familiar with FEMA preparedness recommendations.
  • Analyzed possible types of natural and technological disasters, terrorism attacks, and other catastrophes that threaten family safety.
  • Analyzed possible event durations and long-term ramifications.
  • Investigated and implemented emergency communication methodologies and procedures.
  • Created procedures and processes for protecting business and family in the event of natural and technological disasters, terrorism attacks, and other catastrophes.
  • Investigated and organize resources, agencies, and organizations that provide support and assistance in the event of emergencies and disasters.
  • Assembled one or more survival preparedness kits.
  • Developed an emergency response plan.
  • Planned recovery processes.

Disaster Preparation and Emergency Management
for Small Companies, Professional Associations, and Practices.

Training programs comprised of  lectures, workshops, and individual meetings.  Custom tailored programs provide client-specific knowledge, materials, and skills helpful in surviving a catastrophic event.   Client family and home preparation included.  Confidentiality assured.